My Bio

Hi! My name is Mike Settele (pronounced suh-tell). I live in Los Angeles, and I've been an SAT and ACT tutor for over 10 years! 

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I'm originally from Long Island, New York. I only took the SAT once in high school, and I scored a 2310 out of 2400. (I've taken the SAT dozens of times since, and I've earned multiple perfect scores.) My scores were good enough to get me into Johns Hopkins University, where I double-majored in Political Science and Philosophy. I graduated with honors a semester early in 2009. One of the best experiences I had in college was interning for the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC during the fall of 2008. I was outside the White House the night Barack Obama was elected President, and I managed to get a ticket to his first inauguration. I had never been so excited and so cold at the same time.

All throughout college, I worked for a local tutoring company called Capital Educators, teaching all SAT subjects to small group classes. When I graduated, I moved to DC and began working for CapEd full time. My experience includes:

  • teaching the SAT, ACT, and Math Subject Tests in group settings
  • tutoring students one-on-one
  • managing prep courses of around 120 students and 10 teachers
  • researching the tests, especially the New SAT for 2016
  • developing test-taking strategies and tricks
  • writing class materials and test questions
  • advising parents and students on testing plans and college applications
  • brainstorming and editing college application essays
  • giving presentations on standardized tests at local high schools
  • hiring and training other SAT tutors
  • sitting for the actual SAT

After helping Capital Educators transition to the New SAT in the spring of 2016, I decided to move to Los Angeles. There were a few reasons. For one, I was tired of suffering through East Coast winters and digging myself out after storms like Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snowzilla... you get it. I'm also interested in writing, not just SAT questions, but scripts, jokes, and whatever else comes to mind. I guess I'm hoping to pick up some of that Hollywood creativity through osmosis.  

But most importantly, I wanted a chance to share my test prep knowledge in a new way. I started Settele Tutoring so that I could spend more of my time working with students one-on-one, the part of my old job that I most enjoyed. Each student presents a new challenge - a specific set of strengths and weaknesses. I'm able to give students more than just the formulas and strategies they need for the test, but also insight into how they think and learn. Their scores feel like they're my scores too, so every point of improvement is a victory for both of us. 

I know it's a cheesy pun, but that doesn't make it any less true:

When it comes to your scores, don't settle for less... Settele for more!



Don't just take my word for it. Here is some recent feedback from parents and students:


"Mike is an extremely professional, very helpful and knowledgeable tutor for the SAT. He helped my son increase 100 points just in a couple of weeks. Mike is by far one of the best tutors we have come across. His knowledge of SAT prep is immense. He truly is passionate about his profession. We are glad that we hired him. I highly recommend him!!" -Ria S.

"Our student loved working with Mike. Mike was very communicative with us which was great and gave us a report after every meeting. Our student learned a lot from Mike." -Melissa J.

"I have NEVER been so impressed with a level of dedication and commitment that we've received with Mike. He knows every nook and twist of the SAT. Book this guy if you can. You will NOT find a better option." -Justin S.